Green Sun Uganda

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Green sun Uganda envisions inclusive and equitable education for the Opharned and Vulnerable Children(OVCs), through the child sponsorship program because education is a sure way out of poverty.

Greensun has a goal of supporting opharned children by building for them foster homes where they can grow up in a healthy family setting.

Additionally Greensun Uganda will build schools which offer quality education at a cheaper cost which will use innovative and relevant teaching methods that are unique yet useful to the countries needs. This will be inline with Uganda's curriculum.

Greensun Uganda also will ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation in vulnerable communities.

Our dynamic team consists of Baligeya Isaac, Farouk Mukisa, Edrine Serunga, Kasononta Ronald, Thomas Brandl and Stephanie Mihelcic.




Stephanie Mihelcic Noßbergerstraße 7 4020 Linz Austria